data centers

Up-to-Date Solutions

At KB Advanced Technologies, we understand that having a highly-developed data center is crucial to operations. Our commitment to continual training and education ensures that we provide our clients the most up-to-date and reliable solutions available.

Our deep expertise in data center infrastructure ranges from new installations to expansions and remodeling with services including:

  • Cabinet and Rack Installations
  • UPS, Generators and Power Solutions
  • Fiber Optic & Copper Infrastructure
  • Patching and Wire Management
  • Fire Alarms, Video Surveillance, Access Control and Building Automation Systems (BAS)

DC Power Systems

Experienced and Proficient

With extensive involvement in a large number of central office projects, KB Advanced Technologies has gained substantial experience with DC Power Systems. Our technicians are certified with several manufacturers of DC Power Systems including rectifiers and battery back-up. In addition, our technicians are trained to a high-level in telecom standards which is required for working in an operational carrier space.

KB Advanced Technologies is one the few contractors to specialize in central office and DC Power Systems including DC Primary & Secondary Power Installation, DC Battery Room and DC Plant Installation as well as:

  • In-Rack DC Systems
  • Fiber & Telecommunications Network Backbones and Optical Transport Gear
  • Routers, Servers and Switches Installation
  • Central Office Infrastructure Systems
  • Bus Work

Communication systems

KB Advanced Technology has the experience and capabilities to provide every client a complete solution based on specific requirements.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cabling is the backbone serving today’s demand for high-bandwidth solutions.

Voice & Data

Communication systems criteria are constantly evolving. All of our technicians are educated and trained by IBEW and, to keep up-to-date, KB Advanced Technologies is a member of BICSI, the preeminent source of knowledge and education for the information and communication technologies industry worldwide. KB Advanced Technologies also aligns with the major cabling manufacturers in order to provide clients with certified and warranted solutions.

Audio Visual

As our clients have increasingly required sophisticated audio visual capacity, KB Advanced Technologies has grown our capabilities to encompass installation of systems that involve the full range of displays, projectors, sound masking and speakers.


Wireless communication technology has grown tremendously and KB Advanced Technologies has kept pace. Our team is fully trained and highly experienced in designing and maintaining network infrastructure to support Power Over Ethernet (POE) solutions, wireless connectivity and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Design consulting

Custom Designed Systems

When considering a new cabling and connectivity infrastructure, “one size fits all” is rarely the best choice. Each system should be tailored to respond to a client’s specific needs for today and into the foreseeable future. A pioneer in low voltage design and installation, KB Advanced Technologies actively sustains market leadership by leveraging both our depth of experience and continual technical training to provide our clients with the results they desire. Certifications in a multitude of connectivity solutions and our on-staff Registered Communications Distributions Designers (RCDD’s) allows KB Advanced Technologies to offer expert advisement, prioritizing flexibility so that a system can grow and evolve over time.

Our Design Approach

KB Advanced Technologies offers a comprehensive approach to system design that ensures appropriate capacity, highest function and greatest benefit to a client’s unique circumstances. Our design strategy involves:

  • Thorough assessment of current needs and future expectations
  • Thoughtful selection of the cabling and connectivity solution that provides both performance and value
  • Efficient and high-quality installation

Testing & maintenance

Testing According to Industry Standards

All testing and commissioning of telecommunication equipment and systems must be performed in accordance with technical specifications, industry standards and manufacturer recommendations. KB Advanced Technologies follows performance standards and recommended field test procedures according to ANSI/TIA standards.

KB Advanced Technologies maintains the latest generation of testing equipment. We can assist clients with comparing the compatibility of new standards with previously-tested systems, reducing operational disruption and avoiding re-testing.

Test results are digitally stored by KB Advanced Technologies and are easily accessed as needed for future reference.

Ongoing Maintenance and Service

KB Advanced Technologies maintains a large, skilled group of IBEW technicians and a fleet of service vans with the tools and equipment needed to provide our clients with top-quality system maintenance and emergency service. 

As a member of the Federated Electrical Contractors (FEC), KB Advanced Technologies also has the ability to offer clients consistently exceptional service at locations across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Puerto Rico and Japan.

security & access control

Control Facility Access

Protecting your facility and its staff is a top concern in today’s environment. KB Advanced Technologies can provide you with the security your facility needs. With today’s access control systems you can control and monitor when your employees enter and leave your facility.

Security Made Easy

Whether you are looking for a basic system or integration of all your security system needs, KABT will provide you with a system that is easy to understand and use.

Systems may range from basic to highly-complex end-to-end and fully integrated solutions involving:

  • Card Access
  • Cameras and Video Management
  • Intercom/Door Entry
  • Visitor Management/Building Integration
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire/Life Safety
  • Emergency Notification
  • Mass Communication
  • Speaker
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Social Media
  • Digital Signage

Video Surveillance and Intrusion Services

24-hour Surveillance

Businesses lose billions of dollars every year due to theft. Protecting your facility and its staff is a number one concern in today’s environment. KB Advanced Technology can provide you with 24-hour surveillance from one central location giving you the control you need. With today’s digital surveillance systems you can rotate, tilt, and zoom your cameras from one or multiple locations.

Easy-To-Use Security Systems

Design, implementation, and integration of your security systems can be complex. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone access control, video surveillance, burglar and perimeter alarm detection system or integration of all your security system needs, KB Advanced Technology will provide you with a system that is easy to understand and use.


KB Advanced Technologies is at the forefront of ensuring safety for your business.

Through a thermal imaging camera system, we can ensure a noninvasive, no contact, fever screening process for your staff, customers, and the community. With a thermal imaging camera system, you will have the capability of screening multiple individuals at one time for elevated temperatures before they enter your facility. Systems can be implemented to meet your specific needs, creating peace of mind, and keeping safety a top priority.