Testing According to Industry Standards

All testing and commissioning of telecommunication equipment and systems must be performed in accordance with technical specifications, industry standards and manufacturer recommendations. KB Advanced Technologies (KBAT) follows performance standards and recommended field test procedures according to ANSI/TIA standards.

KBAT maintains the latest generation of testing equipment. We can assist clients with comparing the compatibility of new standards with previously-tested systems, reducing operational disruption and avoiding re-testing.

Test results are digitally stored by KBAT and are easily accessed as needed for future reference.


Ongoing Maintenance and Service

KBAT maintains a large, skilled group of IBEW technicians and a fleet of service vans with the tools and equipment needed to provide our clients with top-quality system maintenance and emergency service.

As a member of the Federated Electrical Contractors (FEC), KBAT also has the ability to offer clients consistently exceptional service at locations across the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Puerto Rico and Japan.

At KBAT, our superior craftsmanship and efficient service reflect our commitment to quality, making us the premier contractor for industrial, commercial and institutional settings. Whether you’re installing a complete custom system, or just making a minor addition, you can count on receiving the same high level of professional service and personal care.